PV measurement data format

Hello, All.

I am newbi in orekit. I hope to know the file format for measurement data.

I can’t find the file format. Would you let me know the file format or any information?

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Can you elaborate little more?
Do you want to read PV file or output one?
Do you want to use this class?


I am following the tutorial which is provided in orekit.

I hope to read PV measurement data from the file like the example.

My final goal is to determine the orbit from GPS navigation data.

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Can you link the tutorial?


I am showing this tutorial as the following link:

The file used in the OrbitDetermination tutorial was made up for the sake of the tutorial. It is a simple columns oriented file. If you want to add PV measurements, you have to provide lines with the following fields:

field 1: date in ISO8601/CCSDS format
field 2: measurement type, PV for Position-Velocity
field 3: ground station, ignored for PV measurements, so could be replaced by “----”
fields 4, 5, 6: position in kilometers
fields 7, 8, 9: velocity in kilometers per seconds

Note that the tutorial has not (yet) be changed to handle position-only measurements, despite they
are available in Orekit 9.3 released a few days ago. It is however simple to add this and provide a
dedicated parser for such lines.