Propagation w different step (duration) size [my fault, sorry... solved]

Hi everyone I encountered this problem

for (AbsoluteDate extrapDate = initialDate;
extrapDate.compareTo(finalDate) <= 0;
extrapDate = extrapDate.shiftedBy(stepT)) {
SpacecraftState currentState = numerical.propagate(extrapDate);

When I change stepT (from 1 day to 1 hour, for example) then when I print position (at the same date) I see very very different results. Why does this happen?

Hi @taurinorum,

The results may be slightly different due to interpolations. And the differences can vary with your integrator configuration.
However these differences should not be huge.
Could you please post us an example (preferably a JUnit test) so we can investigate further ?


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Thank you for your answer I upload here the code.