Problems building with Maven

Hi everyone!
I am new working with Orekit. I was following the “Build with Eclipse” instructions posted on “Building Orekit Tutorial” section in order to be able to run a JUnit test of one of the tutorials, but I got a first error related with some problems with the pom.xml file… I’ve consulted several posts in this forum but I think no one has dealt with this problem before…

I’ve attached a screenshot of the error message. I’ve already checked the information provided in the two links generated by Eclipse but they don’t resolve my problem… I’ve just followed the steps and in theory, all the libraries should be configured automatically… Apparently there’s a problem to download a plugin (maven-bundle-plugin-5.1.2.pom). If anyone could help me, I would be very grateful!

I think I encountered this a few time before. It was mainly a transient error, perhaps due to some network problems. You may try to perform the build from the command line, using a command like “mvn package” in the orekit directory, sometimes it works better from the command line than from eclipse.

It worked! Thank you very much, luc!