Preliminary program for an upcoming patch release

Dear all,

Orekit 11.3.1 has been release the 24th of December. Since then, many bugs have been fixed in develop branch. So, I think it’s time to speak about a new patch release. Please find below a preliminary program:

  • #1032
  • #1033 (already fixed in a merge request)
  • #1034 (already fixed in the issue description)
  • #984 (documentation issue)
  • #977 (documentation issue)
  • #996 (fixed in develop branch, only need to cherry pick the commits)
  • #1018 (fixed in develop branch, only need to cherry pick the commit)
  • #1015 (fixed in develop branch, only need to cherry pick the commit)
  • #1026
  • #980

This list is just a preliminary program. We can include 1 or 2 additional fixes based on the already merged issues in develop branch.


Maybe include #1018 and #1015?

Right! I will include them.

Hi Bryan,

And thanks for the program.
Are we ditching issue #980 because it’s deprecated and version 12.0 is coming sooonish anyway (it’s fine with me)?
On another note, issue #1026 is easily fixable per se.


Hi all,

Nice program and very good idea Bryan !
@Serrof I think we can and should include #980 even if it will disappear with v12.
#1026 can also be added.

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Almost finished the issue #982 on IOD Gauss (just first part, without field and refactoring, i will create another issue for these). Maybe we could include it in the next patch ?

@jasquier this is a new feature rather than a bug so I think it would have to wait for the next major/minor release (which we know to be a major one as a matter of fact). That gives you more time for the Field part :sweat_smile:

Yes, they can be included in the program. Of course, if someone wants to contribute the fixes, contributions are welcome :innocent:

As Romain said, this is a new feature that shall wait the next minor/major release.

I updated the description to include the previous comments.

I created MRs for #980 et #1026 but I believe there are conflicts with release-11.3 due to changes.xml. Anyway a draft release branch will be created no?

Thank you for the MRs!

Yes, I’ll create a pre-release branch starting from release-11.3 branch.

I started working on the branch: Files · draft-release-11.3.2 · Orekit / Orekit · GitLab

Unfortunately, I can’t include issue 988 about CDMs because it brakes API (public methods return YesNoUnknown instead of boolean). This MR can only be merged during the next major release.