Potential Principal Component Analysis component

Hi folks,

I am interested in submitting a PR for Principal Component Analysis. What I have in mind is a more generalized Java implementation of the code I use in this Groovy example:

It uses both the core and statistics modules. Would it make sense to create a PR with the implementation in a new module? Has this topic been covered before?

Cheers, Paul.

Hi @paulk

This sounds very interesting. I don’t know if it would better fit in the existing statistics module or if a dedicated module would be needed. Both are possible.

Please take a look at the Hipparchus Governance and at the Individual Contributor License Agreement it refers to. This paperwork is needed so we can include your work in a next version of Hipparchus. I don’t know if the mail address cited in the governance still works, but you can always send this to me using a private message. Don’t put this on a public message as it will include your name, address and signature!

Thanks for your contribution!

I’ll fill out the paperwork and submit a PR in the next few days.

Okay, done. :smile: