Orekit v11.1 python wrapper released

Following the release of Orekit v11.1, an updated Python wrapper of orekit is released.

This contains all the updates in Orekit 11.1 release - #2 by bcazabonne

as well as some python specific updates:

  • Conda-forge builds for all platforms (win, mac, linux) of python up to 3.10
  • Wrappers for new abstract classes and interfaces, as well as PythonSupplier from java.util.function
  • Added a number of more tests, IodGibbs among others. Good as examples of how to use and translate to python. (https://github.com/petrushy/orekit_python_artifacts/tree/version-11.1/test)
  • Stub files included, that helps with auto-completion and docstrings in supporting IDE’s (PyCharm and VSCode among others)


Thank you Petrus :slight_smile: