Orekit Python wrapper 11.3.3 released


The python version for orekit 11.3.3 is now on conda-forge.

It contains the same improvements as the java version.

Some comments and changes:

  • The stubs are not (yet) updated, these are reflecting a 11.2 version due to some issues with the separate stubs generation program
  • osx builds are generally a bit troublesome in the CI infrastructure. For x64 osx only python <3.8 is built successfully on CI and arm64 is built but cannot be properly tested in automated tests. Note that x64 osx is likley to work if the conda package is built locally (see separate post).
  • added missing wrapper of FieldStateMapper and StateMapper
  • fixing some javadoc that was old
  • fixing some missing extension point in PythonIonosphericMappingFunction
  • Exposing init in the PythonAbstractRadiationForceModel

Many thanks Petrus!

Thank you Petrus!

Thank you :+1: