Orekit Python wrapper 10.1 available

Dear all,

Following the 10.1 main orekit release, the Python wrapper 10.1 is now available. This version includes the changes of the 10.1 java version with corresponding new or updated wrapper classes for Python.

  • The specific classes for subclassing Java classes in Python are starting in 10.0 being transitioned from org.orekit.python to the same package as the original class. For new v10.1 classes only the new location in the package of the original class is used.

  • In creating the wrappers for subclassing, the exposure of all methods has been more stringent. This means that the init(*) method now is systematically exposed, to ensure full availability of all features. This increases the verbosity a bit, but as it only used for subclasses classes in Python, it is an advanced and rather rare situation and I think it is better to give full visibility. For methods not used, use the “pass” Python keyword as method body.

  • Rugged v2.1 included as in 10.0, should be considered experimental as there are no test cases yet, but basic interaction has been tested.

  • Minor updates and bug fixes for wrapper classes. All interfaces and abstract classes in orekit and rugged should have wrapping classes available.

  • Note that stuff not in test cases are by definition not tested and shall be considered experimental :slight_smile:

  • Generated with JCC v3.6 plus patches, bringing it to latest development version

For documentation, the best are the wiki, the API for orekit and rugged, combined with the test cases at this moment.

Installation instructions as well as basic examples on the wiki:
It is highly recommended to use the conda package version over building from sources.

The (Python) test suite contains advanced examples:

Please post general questions on usage or problems on the orekit forum (http://forum.orekit.org) and please report identified bugs or issues on the issue page (https://gitlab.orekit.org/orekit-labs/python-wrapper/issues)

Many thanks @petrus.hyvonen :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @petrus.hyvonen,

Thank you very much for your fantastic work and your constant effort to maintain this wrapper. Thanks to you, people can use Orekit in their Python developments and I’m convinced that this represents great opportunities for the project.

The Orekit project is really lucky to have contributors as involved as you, @evan.ward and others.

I’d be happy to relay this news on Orekit’s website:


Do you give me permission to copy/paste your message?


That was fast !!
Thank you Petrus ! :+1:

Hi @sdinot, thanks, yes sure feel free to share it!

Done: Orekit Python wrapper 10.1 available.

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