Orekit.org certificate


I’m getting an error saying that the certificate for https://orekit.org expired on April 13. Is this just me? The forum and gitlab subdomains don’t seem to be affected.


Hi Evan,

Thanks a lot for your constant vigilance.

The website is still hosted on the old server, and the (very) old version of Python available on this server is not compatible with the latest versions of Certbot. As a result, we are no longer able to renew the certificate on this server. I will fix this issue tomorrow by migrating the website to the new server.

My apologies for this problem, which I took too long to fix.


I just migrated the website to the new server and renewed its TLS certificate.


The certificate for oraas.orekit.space expired yesterday. I sent an email to the contact email address for oraas. Can you fix this problem? Thank you!


The certificate was renewed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Feel free to report any feedback on ORaaS.

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