Orekit Graphic User Interface

Goodmorning everyone.
I’m a physics student and I’m working with orekit libraries to study perturbations in LEO. First of all congratulations for the excellent work done, these libraries are really made with care.
I wanted to ask if there were free GUIs available that used orekit and possibly where I can find them. thank you.

Hello taurinorum, and welcome to the forums.

Orekit being a library, it is primarily designed to fit into custom simulations, and/or big pieces of software that are usually not free. That being said, I know of 2 free orekit-based applications on Android :

  • STAVOR : a generic purpose 3D visualization tool. I believe this one has been made by some members of the Orekit team
  • ISS Observer, which is a more focused app that computes ISS passes based on Orekit computations


At Technical University Berlin we have developed a GUI based on PySide2 and the Orekit Python Wrapper, but unfortunately it is not open source yet.

But I’ve put together a basic example of such a GUI, if you’re interested in developing yours in Python: https://github.com/GorgiAstro/my-first-pyside2-orekit-gui