Orekit for web servers


I have worked on 2 projects that use orekit. Both are rest servers and on both I have had to hack my way update the eop data.

On both cases, we need the data in a database.
Orekit doesnt do a good job for this case, so the way we solved it was to implement DataProvider and then fooling the DataProviderManager to think we are reading the data from a file instead of the database. After this we implement a service that creates a new LazyLoadedDataContext and replace the default one.

As you can imagine, this is not super clean or cute, but gets the job done.

Would it be possible to create classes that would do this for us instead of having to recreate similar code over and over? If there is a better way available now, please let me know!

You should probably look at DataContext, which was designed partly for this.
There is some documentation here.