Orekit events & news feed

Hello the community,

Speaking with the CS OrekitTeam, we would like to launch small events and news feed to dynamise even more this community. The goals would be not to wait for a big OrekitDay to gather together, but rather do small events at the initiative of someone who wants to present his orekit related work. It could be with the form of interview, slides,visio-conference, article etc…
For example, we would like as the CS orekit team to know better about the python wrapper of @petrus.hyvonen and how he is working with it and i think we are not alone. In our side we could present the work on preparation for the orekit v12.0 of @Vincent (sorry), etc…
Also to inform better the community with small news feed (using the news part of the orekit.org site, or maybe to do it with a specific topic on the forum).

What do you think of this ?


Julien Asquier

It would be nice to have regular news about the project, to know the progress of its roadmap, to learn a little more about its team, its contributors or the use that is made of Orekit.

In short, I am totally in favor of this proposal! :slight_smile:

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Good idea +1

Hello Julien,

sounds good.

An idea would be to have an “Introduction” thread where new members could introduce themselves and explain what they are doing or intend to do with Orekit. This is potentially prone to a “flood” of messages though, so might require more admin than usual.




Sounds like a good idea, I would see it as an additional activity to OrekitDay, I think it is really good for the project to sometimes have some face-to-face meetings.

I could happily talk about the python wrapper and some thoughts and discussions on the potential roadmap ahead. Would be interesting to hear about use-cases as well and in what context we are using it (operationally, for education, analysis, research etc.)

We could use different ways, for me I think it would bring most value to do it in a video-call, where there can be some interaction between presenter and interested. These could be recorded if one wants to watch offline.




Thanks for the reply ! I will check with @sdinot for this proposal, as we though to rework maybe some parts of the website to add a news feed. Or maybe just to pin an “Introduction” topic would do the thing

Awesome @petrus.hyvonen ! Same I need to loop with the team to now see how we can do this, what medium to use for the recording etc, for the meeting… the recording is a great idea, and i think something easy could be to have a youtube channel of the Orekit community for all of this (and existing previous interview, like the @luc one)


I share your opinion, being able to collaborate remotely on a daily basis is great, we are able to do beautiful stuff this way. But nothing replaces physical meetings. We work better with people when we have discussed with them face to face, shared a meal and put the world to rights over a drink.

The most pleasant way for everyone would probably be to conduct interviews and then publish them on the Orekit website. From my point of view, that would be really cool!


+1 for Sébastien’s idea. Interviews on the website could help new user konwing what’s possible with Orekit. It is also a good opportunity to show the diversity of uses of the project.

That makes me think: is there any paper on Orekit submitted to the next ESA ICATT conference in June in Poland? I believe it would be good promo, but of course there needs to be travel budget and worse, the abstract submission deadline is tomorrow…