Orekit Event : 2nd Session OrekitTalk : Propagating uncertainties by Florian Humeau

Hello the community,

I have the pleasure to announce that the 2nd Session of the OrekitTalk, the webinar about Orekit, will be hosted the 21st September 2023 by CS GROUP.
You can register now to the event following this link :

The subject will be presented by @fhumeau on the limit of linear propagation of uncertainties and new methods of uncertainty and/or covariance propagation, from Unscented to Gauss Von Mises.

If you have any problems to register or questions, feel free to share it on this thread !

The event will happen on Thursday the 21st of September 2023 between 13h and 14h UTC+2:00 (Paris Time)

Follow the link below to join the meeting at the due date and time.

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Meeting ID: 383 013 377 061
Passcode: hqkvt2

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Julien Asquier

Thank you all for coming and thank you Florian for this great presentation !!

We will upload the video and the slides asap for those of you who couldn’t make it today.


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When the slides will be available in the Orekit website?

Thank you,

Dear all,

Here is the material for the 2nd Orekit talk by Florian Humeau:

Some related scientific publications:

Thanks again to all the attendees!

We would like to organize the next OrekitTalk, please notify us if you are a candidate for the presentation!!!
It is open to everyone in the community, you can present your own application or product, the only requirement is that it uses Orekit and that you explain to us how you used Orekit to build it :wink:

See you soon!