Orekit 12.0.2 released

The Orekit team is pleased to announce the release of Orekit version 12.0.2.
Version 12.0.2 is a patch release of Orekit, including only bug fixes.

The main changes are:

  • Change visibility of InertiaAxis and Inertia constructors to public.
  • Allow Rinex V4 observation files to have either “ANTENNA: DELTA X/Y/Z” or “ANTENNA: DELTA H/E/N” header line.
  • Field versions of Frame.getStaticTransformTo don’t allow null dates (they never did, but the javadoc wrongly stated this was allowed).
  • Removed blank lines in SP3 file generation.
  • Fixed forbidden SBAS System Time in SP3 files.
  • Fixed wrong key for Beidou System Time in SP3 files.
  • Fixed wrong parsing of some time systems in SP3 files.
  • Fixed incorrect transmitter location in BistaticRange measurement.
  • Fixed regression in Ephemeris with interpolationPoints=1.
  • Fixed loading of UTC (now thread safe).
  • Fixed DSST Jacobian setup.

This version depends on Hipparchus 3.0

For complete release notes please see:

The maven artifacts are available in maven central.
The source and binaries can be retrieved from the forge releases page:

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Many thanks to all the contributors & reviewers !

Yet again, special thanks to @bcazabonne for helping me completing the release !

Cheers everyone,


Thank you very much for this release @Vincent and @Bryan !!!