Orekit 11.3.3 released

The Orekit team is pleased to announce the release of Orekit version 11.3.3.
This is a patch, including bug fixes.
The main changes are:

  • Improved performances for (Field)DSSTPropagatorTest.
  • Fixed DSST tesseral force model short period terms update when order of gravity potential is lower or equal to 3.
  • Fixed DSST osculating performance issues with high degree and order of geopotential.
  • Fixed thread safety issue in CoefficientFactory.
  • Fixed crash of DSST during propagation with osculating and 3rd body.

This version depends on Hipparchus 2.3

For complete release notes please see:

The maven artifacts are available in maven central.
The source and binaries can be retrieved from the forge releases page:

Thank you Bryan !

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I’m upping this thread because I don’t see Orekit 11.3.3 on zenodo. It’d be nice to fix this, especially with the new releases coming up.


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That’s right. I think Zenodo entries are linked to Releases on Gthub. Orekit 11.3.3 is on Gihub (Releases · CS-SI/Orekit · GitHub). So, I don’t know why it is not on Zenodo.

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