Orekit 11.1 program

Hi all,

Orekit 11.0 was released four months ago. Between the previous release and today, 3 patchs have been released (i.e., 10.3.2, 11.0.1, and 11.0.2). Therefore, it is time to think about releasing Orekit 11.1. Please find below the main changes performed in develop branch and included in the 11.1 program:

  • Determination of maneuver start/stop time
  • Brouwer-Lyddane model with Warren Phipps’ correction for the critical inclination of 63.4° and the perturbative acceleration due to atmospheric drag
  • The Extended Semi-analytical Kalman Filter
  • A new API for State Transition Matrix and Jacobian matrices computation allowing to link the computations directly to the orbit propagator
  • Orbit determination using Eckstein-Hechler, Brouwer-Lyddane and Keplerian orbit propagators.
  • Several bug fixes in CCSDS files, TimeSpanMap, and display of dates.

In addition to the above program, issue #448 is being fixed.

Another important information, the addition of the Extended Semi-analytical Kalman Filter is a first “experimental” implementation. Even if it has been strongly validated, it may have some bugs. Orekit developers are still evaluating its performances. As a results, the users must use it carefully.

What do you think about the program?
Do you think it is interesting for a 11.1 release?
Is there additional things that you would like to include?

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Very nice, lots of new interesting features !


Can’t think of anything specific.
I think it’s enough features for a minor release.
Plus the regular “patch releases” help having annoying bugs corrected quickly.

Well done!


The last two issues that were planned for 11.1 have been resolved.

As per https://gitlab.orekit.org/orekit/orekit/-/milestones,
milestone 11.1 is complete :tada:

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Great! I start the release process!

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