Orbit Determination from GPS measurements

Hi all,
I have a doubt on how to implement an algorithm for orbit determination purposes starting from real satellite GPS data.

The approach is relying on the BatchLSEstimator where GPS data are added as measurements as instances of PV class to the estimator.
The doubt now is on the referenceOrbit to be provided to the NumericalPropagatorBuilder. I was evaluating to use one of the initial orbit determination methods available to estimate the input reference orbit for the NumericalPropagatorBuilder but I don’t know if this is actually a good idea or not. Beeing the measurements that I have coming directly from the satellite GPS is it a good idea to perform conversions to extrapolate AngularAzEl to be used for example in the Gauss method or I can just use one of the gps points to build a reference cartesian orbit?

If more info are needed just ask I will provide them to you.

Thank you very much

Hi @aeroanselm,

I think using one of the GPS points will be a good enough first guess for the batch LS filter.