OD using AngularRaDec and Range measurements and Kalman filter

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I am using Python Wrapper to implement Kalman OD using topocentric GCRF AngularRaDec and Range measurements. Right now I can run it successfully if the measurements are added one by one using estimationStep() or all at once (in a list of AngularRaDecs interleaved by Range) using processMeasurements(). Currently, I add the AngularRaDec and Range measurements separately. I was wondering whether it’d be possible to add them together to be processed in a single Kalman estimation step?

Here are the solutions I have already thought of:
1- Convert topocentric RA/Dec/Range to Cartesian positions and use Position measurements instead. In this case, is there a built-in method to convert topocentric RA/Dec/Range to Cartesian coordinates?
2- Define a new measurement type subclassed from AbstractMeasurement. I’d need to figure out how properly subclass a new type that Kalman would be happy to consume.

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I think your question is answered in the following topic: Kalman Filter with multiple measurement types - #2 by bcazabonne
To sum up, you can use the MultiplexedMeasurement class to link your Range and AngularRaDec measurements at the same time.

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Awesome! Thanks, @bcazabonne for pointing me in the right direction.

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