Observations from satellite


Few months ago I had a problem with writing a script for detecting satellites from Earth-based station with given FoV. You all guys were very helpful and it worked like a charm (thread for reference). Now I’m trying to elevate this script a bit - I want to change this old script to carry out simulations with satellite-based observer. Let’s say I have a TLE for particular satellite and there is some sort of camera on this telescope with known FoV (lets say its rectangular 5x5degrees FoV directed straight ahead). Also I have a list of TLEs for every LEO satellite. How do I define frames, measurements, and FoV for this task?

Hi @jlipinski,

Orekit does not support angular space-based measurements, it’s something we would actually like to have so contribution are welcome ! :slight_smile:
There’s an issue already opened on the forge for this.
And several threads on the forum:

I think a FieldOfViewDetector should work, with targetPVProvider the TLE propagator of your target object.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for the tips! I’ll let you know if I make progress.