numerical method determines

When utilizing numerical method determines, how many points of gps(x, y, z, vx, vy, vz data are at least required ? If the Estimated reflection coefficient is negative, what could be the cause?Thank everyone!!!

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There is just a theoretical minimum of observation. It corresponds to the number of estimated parameter. Because you need at least one equation per estimated parameter.
After that, the only rule is: the more observations you have, the more your optimizer appreciate :slight_smile:

In order to help you and provide you more precise advice, could you tell us:

  • The dynamical model you used to initialize the numerical propagator.
  • The number of measurements.
  • The type of measurements
  • The measurement time span

The best would be a runnable test case in order to reproduce your issue and debugging it.

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Thank you so much!

  • I’m using numerical estimated no numerical propagator.
  • The number of measurements is around 500.
  • The type of measurements:I don’t know.
  • The measurement time span is 10 seconds.

You’re in trouble
What should be the normal range of cd and cr values?

Hi @hurricane313622,

They should be positive. “Classical” values for drag and reflection coefficient is around 2., so say between 0 and 5.
Classical value for

I see, thanks