No IERS UTC-TAI history data loaded

Hello, I am new to Orekit. I hope to use TLE tool to load data. However I failed when I new TLE with 2 line strings. The message shows that “no IERS UTC-TAI history data loaded”. I am confused and not know the reason. I am using orekit-10.0-bin.jar with vscode. I would appreciate your help.

Hello zxx, and welcome to the Orekit community !

What you are experiencing is very common for newcomers. The problem is that Orekit requires data to perform most of its operations. This data is not included in the main jar file, because the user might need to change it. However, a sample zip file containing appropriate data is available to download on Orekit website.

I see in your screenshot that you have a directory named ‘orekit-data’, so maybe you have already downloaded everything. In this case, you probably just need to tell Orekit where to find the data. You can check the following documentation page to learn how to do so :
For a basic configuration with the default zip file, the quickest answer is provided in the ‘Quick setup using default data’ section of this documentation page.

After that, you might want to check out the ‘tutorial’ section of the documentation. There are some very useful examples and explanations there.

Best wishes for your Orekit-based project

Thank you very much. I’ve seen that in configuration page and also seen my question is a common one on the FAQ page. Thank you again!

You’re welcome