Next patch release

Hi all!

Orekit 12.1.1 was recently released. But thanks to the motivation of the development team and contributors, an interesting number of documentation and code bugs were fixed between 12.1.1 and now. It allows performing a patch release very soon. The current status of the 12.1.2 patch is that 9 issues are fixed and 4 still have to be fixed. More details can be found here: 12.1.2 · Milestones · Orekit / Orekit · GitLab

9 fixed issues is very cool for a patch. If we can include more fixes, it would be a nice to have.
What do you think about having a 12.1.2 version soon? Can we target next week?

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Hello @bcazabonne ,

I agree ! The more patch release we can get, the better :+1:.

I might have time for #1364 or #1453 but i need to finish something big at work first :sweat:.


No negative opinion so as patch releases are always velcome I’ll plan to do it during the week-end.

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Thanks Bryan for taking care of this!