New Feature : withElevationRange for ElevationDetector & AzimuthDetector.withAzumithRange

Hi guys,

I’m working on the generation of simulated measurements for a Radar.

My Radar have ranges of acceptables elevations & azimuths that’s why I’d like to add a feature withElevationRange instead of withConstantElevation in order to generate measurements only when the spacecraft is in the range.
Also, there isn’t a Event Class based on Azimuth.
It could be an idea to provide them for the next release.

For the moment I’m performing a filtering of admited Measurements after the generation.

Thank you guys and once again, I appreciate the great work you’re doing here.

Hi Adelalla,

Contributions are appreciated! Based on my understanding of your proposal it seems you could achieve you goal by adding a maximum elevation angle to ElevationDetector and use it in combination with an elevation mask. That said it seems that modeling radars has come up a few times in the forum so perhaps there is motivation for a dedicated access detector for radars.

There are a couple ways you could achieve your goal with classes that already exist. The existing elevation mask for ElevationDetector can be used to implement the azimuth range and elevation range, as long as there is no elevation maximum. For more specific sensor patterns I usually recommend the GroundFieldOfView detector with a FieldOfView that matches your model. (But see hipparchus #49) Then there is always FunctionalDetector which is the Swiss army knife of Detectors and a good way to try new ones.


Hi @evan.ward,

Thank you for this answer, you’re right the GroundFieldOfView object is perfect to solve my problem.

In all cases I’m glad to express demands and to try to give you ideas for new features.