Modification on GenericTimeStampedCache

Hi everyone,

Creating this thread because i’ve encountered some issue while working on this merge request.

Specifically, it concerns the MSAFE atmospheric model as it uses tabulated values every month. I often find it stuck between infinite cycle because the newly introduced GenericTimeStampedCache keeps generating values around the desired date.

I would like to introduce a new argument / create a new class dedicated to non homogeneous tabulated values which would fix this issue (for example an optional minimum duration between two tabulated values or something like that).

What do you think ?


Good idea @Vincent. If it’s a small add-on I think introducing an argument in GenericTimeStampedCache is better than writing a new class.

Hey again,

I’ve implemented an example of what i would like to do in this merge request.

Perhaps some sort of TabulatedTimeStampedCache extending GenericTimeStampedCache with a default maxInterval of 0 and a minimum step interval as an argument would be cleaner ?