Missing get method for some parameters of Galileo navigation messages


I use Orekit with its Python wrappers to extract Galileo navigation data from a rinex file.
I use this link : GalileoNavigationMessage (ORbit Extrapolation KIT 11.0 API) to find method to extract navigation parameters.

However, I have not found any method to extract the following parameters:

  • sqrtA (there is just a method to set this parameter)
  • deltaN (there is just a method to set this parameter)
  • omega
  • dataSrc
    Can you help me please ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @clamadvi welcome.

You are right, these methods are missing. Could you file a bug report in our forge?
I’ll add this as soon as I can, as I am already working on other navigation stuff like Rinex 4.

OK, I have added the required methods in branch issue-1047, so there’s no need to file a bug report.
Please be aware that there are still bugs there, see comments in issue 1047.
Concerning omega, it is there under a different name: pa for Perigee Argument (as there is another parameter named omega for right ascension of ascending node, the name was changed in the API).

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