Measurements provided to KalmanEstimator

I have a question about the measurements provided to a KalmanEstimator. I have built a KalmanEstimator and understand how to use KalmanEstimator.estimationStep(observedMeasurement) with one measurement or KalmanEstimator.processMeasurements(observedMeasurements) with multiple measurements. My understanding is that if I provide measurements to the KalmanEstimator which are relevant to the PropagatorBuilders that I used to create the KalmanEstimatorBuilder which created the KalmanEstimator, these measurements will affect the Propagators which are produced by KalmanEstimator.estimationStep or KalmanEstimator.processMeasurements, BUT if I provide measurements which are NOT relevant to those PropagatorBuilders included in the KalmanEstimator (for instance, an AngularRaDec measurement in which the ObservableSatellite is not associated with any of the PropagatorBuilders in the KalmanEstimator), the Propagators produced by KalmanEstimator.estimationStep or KalmanEstimator.processMeasurements will just be the same Propagators as though no measurement was provided at all. Is this true?

If this is true, can you suggest a straightforward way to check whether a measurement involves an ObservableSatellite which is relevant to the KalmanEstimator or not? In other words, is there an easy way to check whether the ObservableSatellite in a measurement is the same ObservableSatellite associated with a PropagatorBuilder that was used to produce the KalmanEstimator via KalmanEstimatorBuilder.addPropagationConfiguration(PropagatorBuilder, CovarianceMatrixProvider)?

Thanks for any thoughts!

You will have to count by yourself the number of times you call addPropagationConfiguration and compare the index returned by the getPropagatorIndex() method from ObservableSatellite with this count. In fact, the index is really just the index in the list that was built progressively as you added each propagator configuration.

I guess I’m still a little confused. What if I use the constructor for ObservableSatellite as follows: ObservableSatellite(int propagatorIndex), where propagatorIndex is 9, but I actually have constructed no propagators at all?
Then, if I later create some propagators and add them to an estimator, is the ObservableSatellite I created above automatically associated with the tenth propagator that I have added to the estimator?
Thank you,