Maneuvers strategy in orbits with fastly rotating apoapsis

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I wanted to ask if you may provide further advices regarding maneuvers strategies on orbits where the apoapsis rotates so fast. How would you implement an Hohmann-like maneuver? Would you consider all osculating perigees and apogees found with the Event Detector?
Is it better to use a mean propagation?

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Apoapsis rotates fast when short periodic terms are larger than mean terms, i.e when eccentricity is small. In this case, do you really need to bother about performing maneuver exactly at perigee/apogee of the initial orbit? You can select almost any point on the orbit and as soon as you fire your thruster, you will get an elliptic transfer orbit and as initial eccentricity is small selecting one firing point or another will not change the maneuver cost significantly. So I would suggest in this case to not bother at all where perigee and apogee are and select your firing point from other criterion.

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