Low thrust maneuver contribution

Following the discussion on maneuver packages we want to propose a contribution on implementing low thrust maneuvers.
We propose 2 main improvements :

  • use of start/stop detectors different than date detectors to have peridoic thrust periods
  • an attitude super class that can provide the spacecraft attitude from the required thrust direction

Our contribution would be based on the new architecture. on the branch maneuver-package.
I will provide more technical detail once working on it.

I think there is a contribution licence agreement to sign, could you giveme the link ?

Hi @Mikael

Thank you again for contributing to Orekit.

Contributing License Agreement is available here: https://www.orekit.org/doc/orekit_governance_v4.pdf
(Annex section)


Thank you @Mikael.

That is a great idea.