Loading Earth Orientation Parameters from finals files

Dear Orekit team,

Thank you for this wonderful library!
I would like to ask you a question over the class RapidDataAndPredictionColumnsLoader.
In particular I would like to know why the class loads only the Bulletin A part of the finals files. This is also specified by this sentence in the javadoc:

I would have expected that, if the user requests data over an interval covered by the Bulletin B data, the parser would have taken those, ensuring higher accuracy in case of a posteriori simulations.

If it is confirmed that the current behavior is to load only Bulletin A data, would it be possible to extend the capability of the parser to account also for Bulletin B data? maybe as a feature request?

Many Thanks for your time and your reply

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the kind words, it is really appreciated!

You are right, this design choice was an oversight.
Could you open an issue on the bug tracker requesting for a change?

HI Luc,

many thanks you for your reply, here you can find the issue: https://gitlab.orekit.org/orekit/orekit/-/issues/722