Loading Custom Gravitational Potential Models

Hey Folks,

I have a couple questions on the intended use of custom loaded gravitational potential models and I was hoping you might have some answers:

  1. I’m trying to propagate to the lunar sphere of influence using an earth centric gravity model, and then programmatically switch over to a lunar centered gravity model. I already have the .gfc file I need, but do I need to clear out all other coefficient readers using the GravityFieldFactory or is there a way I can tell one propagator to use coefficients from one file, and another to use coefficients from another?

  2. If I need to clear the coefficients before using a custom gravity model, will it affect currently instantiated propagators (i.e. will it start using the custom model coefficients instead of what it was instantiated with)?

Based on your responses, I may have some follow up questions as well, but let’s start here. Any clarification you can provide would be appreciated!


Maybe you should look at DataContext, using a different context for each propagator.

I will give that a shot to see if it works well in that situation, thanks luc!