LEO satellite orbit determination using GNSS Range measurements with Iono corrections

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I am trying to perform satellite orbit determination (with batch least squares) using OneWayRange measurement obtained from the satellite GNSS receiver (Pseudorange data). I would also like to use a modifier along with the measurements to correct for the Ionosphere delay (especially interested in GlobalIonosphereMapModel).

I can’t seem to find a modifier to use along with the OneWayRange which models ionospheric delay. Would BaseRangeIonosphericDelayModifier help? Any help/leads here would be appreciated.

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Hi @gowtham

That’s because there is no ionospheric modifier for OneWayGNSSRange or OneWayGNSSPhase.
If you are interested, we can add it.

Could you open an issue in our Gitlab repository?


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Thanks for a quick reply @bcazabonne. I have created a feature request here.

Great! Thank you :slight_smile: