Launching OrekitTalk

Hello the community,

I am happy to announce a communication initiative around Orekit: The launching of “OrekitTalk”, which would be a rendez-vous webinar of the community around a specific technical topic that the actors of Orekit want to present to the other members, or everyone from the space sector.

The organisation is simple : If someone of the community wants to present a work related to Orekit to others, it could propose a subject. CS could host and manage the organisation of the webinar, and send a free link to a specific date for the webinar.
So it is up to the community to use this tool for communcation arount Orekit work, CS will only provide tools support.

For more information or if you have a subject, I invite you to put it in this feed and to discuss it together.

About OrekitDay, it is still in discussion internally to have a date, but it will mostly be in 2024 (if organised by CS).

For now, we are open to proposal for the next webinar :slight_smile:
Hope it will have some success !

Julien Asquier

Very good idea!

The Orekit version during the previous Orekit Day was 10.0. Maybe we could have a presentation about the main changes between 10.0 and the upcoming 12.0?

Also, I am always happy to present the works performed on Orekit DSST during the last 2/3 years (Least squares OD, ESKF, USKF, implementation of the J2-squared model, future works, etc. ).



Hi everyone,

It would be great to have talks on Orekit 12 as well as the recent DSST stuff. I think @petrus.hyvonen was also interested in talking about the holy Python wrapper. I could probably find something to present if needs be.




So I guess we will start with the DSST work of @bcazabonne, and maybe do a part on the v12.0 release. Nice :slight_smile: I will comeback to you soon for the details
@Serrof maybe next time you could present your math collision work conjointly with @Vincent, as the LAAS algorithm is gaining in popularity in the Toulouse newspapers :wink:
@petrus.hyvonen i think a lot of people would like to know more about the Python wrapper, it could be wonderful to have a presentation about it !



Hello Julien,

Turns out I’m not an advocate of probabilities for operational collision risk any more, so I might not be the right guy :sweat_smile:
Actually Vincent has been doing a lot of cool stuff for a while, there’s plenty to talk about I’m sure.

Do we have an approximate schedule and format for these talks?