Kalman Filter with multiple measurement types

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I am trying to understand how Orekit Extended Kalman Filter works. I noticed that the measurements are fed in to the KalmanEstimator one at a time in chronological order. And the measurements are instances of the Orekit measurement classes.
My question is how the measurements should be processed when there are multiple measurements at the same timestamp ?
For example what if there are Range and RageRate measurements at the same timestamp ?
Is it necessary to create a measurement class to combine both measurements? OR
Is it acceptable to feed measurements one after the other ??

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Hi @niluj

If you have measurements at the same timestamp, you shall you the MultiplexedMeasurement class. This class was implemented for this purpose. Its only argument to construct it is a List<ObservedMeasurements> representing your simultaneous measurements. For instance, your two Range and RangeRate measurements

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Thank you. I realized this has been discussed before as well.