JPLEphemerides Loader

Hello All,

Hopefully I am asking a simple question. I’m trying to generate the position of celestial bodies in the ICRF frame at specific times. I’m having trouble with the JPLEphemeridesLoader. From working with spice I know of binary files located here, but it seems like they’re differently fromatted than those of the ones reference in the orekit documentation for the JPLEphemeridesLoader. Could someone tell me how to load the ephemerides in? Being as boneheaded as I am, I have not been able to figure it out yet

Hi Paul,

The major links for retrieving Orekit data is the configuration page, at the bottom of the page. You will see that the JPL ephemerides are here:

Note that the default orekit data includes JPL ephemerides from 1990 to 2069. How to retrieve this default data set is explained in the configuration page, in the section just before the bottom table.

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