JB2006 atmosphere model

Hello !
I’ve seen that the JB2006 atmosphere model was present in the Orekit V8.0 version and has been removed since the JB2008 has been implemented. It could be quite useful to have this model to carry out comparisons. Do you think that it could be a possible option to add this model again in future versions?
Thanks in advance for your feedback :slight_smile:


Because Orekit is a library, I think it is important to provide as many features as possible.
I don’t understand why JB2006 has been removed with the addition of JB2008. Having both is a good idea.


I am not sure time-dependent data for JB2006 is still published.

I think they are available.

JB2006 needs:

  • solar flux data
  • Ap data

JB2008 needs:

  • solar flux data
  • dTc data

Space environment web site provides the 3 files containing the data:

Currently, Orekit parses SOLFSMY and DTCFILE to feed JB2008 model.

I think that SOLFSMY and SOLRESAP can be used to feed JB2006 model (SOLRESAP parsing shall be added in that case). My only concern is that the folder used to access the data is named xxx/jb2008/ However, since they are only solar activity, I think they are independent to the model.

Theo asked the question because JB2006 is still an ECSS recommendantion.