Is there anyway I can find the short routing from one satellite to another at certain time

Hi All,

I have total 32 satellites, we have a scenario that need to calculate the best route from one satellite to another, need to consider LoS and bandwith between any 2 satellites.

Anyone has any idea I can achieve this with Orekit?

Appericiate any help,

I would say that there are three main steps to consider.

  1. get at some given time all the spacecrafts position and attitude so you can compute LOS and distance,
  2. from these data at one time to build a graph with satellites as nodes, connected by edges two satellites that can see each other, and the weight of the edge being the distance (or allowed bandwidth)
  3. find the route by a classical graph algorithm like Dijkstra’s algorithm

In order to perform step 1, you can either use 32 analytical propagators that will directly give you the position for any time you specify (the analytical propagators can be ephemerides generated by a previous run of numerical propagators) or you can use parallel propagation using PropagatorsParallelizer.