Is there a more detail python version API doc?

I found this website:

But, it seemed that it only contained a few examples.
For example, I just don’t know how to implement my own defined EventHandler in python,even though there’s an example in python here:

It was using .withHandler(ContinueOnEvent())

I know Orekit is written in Java, and it provides a more powerful Java version API doc:

Do I have to rewrite the Java version code in Python?

Hi @sparksustc,

Yes, there is indeed a bit of need of more end-to-end documentation for the Python wrapper, but until we get that written the best sources are the ones you probably identified already:

Then the API as you identified gives all the parameters and methods, it is close to 1:1 but not fully so one needs to check the examples and learn the patterns. After a while you will be able to see quickly how it would be in Python, but there are some quirks with casting that needs to be actively done sometimes.