Is Jenkins still useful?

Dear all,

Despite the migration of the Orekit CI from Jenkins to Gitlab CI 16 months ago and the use of SonarQube for quality assurance, I note that:

  • the Jenkinsfile is still present in the Orekit source code ;
  • Jenkins is still running the pipeline.

Beyond Orekit, Hipparchus stopped using our instance of Jenkins 9 months ago and the Rugged stopped using it 8 months ago (Hipparchus migrated to Github Actions and Rugged to Gitlab CI too).

Therefore, do we still have good reason to :

  • keep the Jenkinsfile script in the Orekit source code?
  • keep our Jenkins instance?

For me, none. But I would be happy to hear your opinion on this.

I agree with you, we can get rid of Jenkins for Orekit.

Jenkins is no longer useful for Orekit and can be removed.

+1 for removing Jenkins too.

I disabled Jenkins and pushed a merge request to remove the Jenkinsfile:

(and I have already removed the associated webhook that was triggered by Gitlab)