Introducing myself & OrekitDays

Hello everyone ! For my first topic i am glad to introduce myself :slight_smile:

My name is Julien Asquier and i joined recently the CS Orekit R&D team, @Vincent, @pascal.parraud and @MaximeJ as a technical coordinator. What does this means ? That i am trying (my best) to use what they are doing for projects at CS, to help them find new ideas about what to do, how and when, to do it about Orekit, to communicate about the work done, internally and externally, and maybe to help develop some features (i will have to gain their trust in my coding game first :wink: ). Also, one of my goal is to better understand the community and what is expected from Orekit development!

As one of the topic that i am trying to launch internally is the comeback of the OrekitDays, as the communication around Orekit is lacking despite the quality of the project. As Orekit is not just about CS, I would like to measure the motivation of the community to the organisation of this event, the participation of some specific persons/company using Orekit, and some communication ideas you maybe already have.

It is not the common technical topic of this forum but I hope to have some comebacks on it, as you know all better than me Orekit and the community :wink:

Julien Asquier

Hi Julien!

Welcome to the Orekit forum.

The more Orekit day events, the better for the community.
Unfortunately, the pandemic didn’t help organizing Orekit day events during the last years. So, that’s a good idea to relaunch the initiative.


Big +1 for a new Orekit day.
@petrus.hyvonen, what about setting this event at SSC?

Hi Julien,

welcome here.
I have never participated before in the Orekit days, but I’m definitely interested.
Having it not in France like suggested by Luc sounds appealing, as I think our favorite low-level library is already quite well known here and such en event might help spread out the good word.


Hi, yes fully agree, it is time for an Orekit Day(s) to gather together, discuss and build the community.

Give me some days, I will check on our side :slight_smile: .


Do you think that having an OrekitDay in person with also a live recording for remote people is interesting?
I ask the question because I think of people in America or in Asia who could not make a long trip for an event of only one day.


Hello Julien and the Orekit community!

A new Orekit day would be an excellent way to bring the community together and share some interesting presentations and some laughs !

In my opinion, providing remote users with a quality live stream would really enhance the experience for those who will not be able to come. Maybe even making the presentation recording available for download - if presenter agrees? - could be an idea to bring the content to a larger audience.


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Hello everyone,
I spoke with the CS management and CS is well interested to hold the event. Unfortunately, it is not the top priority right now (so i can push it but not too hard right now, but definitely i will push for 2023) and there is an aspect of, as a holder of the event, still having some control on it (time, location, organisation etc…). I can understand the CS logic but i also understand the community aspect of Orekit, so i can think of two solutions :

It is hold by CS, CS make the financial effort to organise the event but CS control some aspects of it
It is hold by the community, but the community will need to share the cost i guess

A third solution is someone has enough money to replace CS to hold it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet i am a CS employee, I think as part or the orekit community, you should all know this. Maybe it could be also interesting to have a big OrekitDay that need a great scale organisation (and so financial support) and smaller Orekit events organised by the community (conference on a particular topic, meeting, presentation of work/company using Orekit) that are more flexible to organise, in the model of the Comet community of CNES (they hold both these types of events)

Julien Asquier

I can make pizza and gougère for the meal.
@luc do you have a large garden to accommodate 80-100 people?