Inter-Satellite Link Computation

Hello community. I have set out to build an intersatellite detector for a constellation. For now this is a small constellation, but ideally there would be no limit. I am aware of the existance of a Parallizer to run simultaneous propagators. However I have 2 issues regarding my task.

  1. I am not entirely sure how to set up the parallizer. I have read on the forum some but couldnt find anything explicit about setting up the methods.
  2. I have read also that there are issues setting up event detectors in the classical way (i.e. with a single propagator). I have detectors for areas and locations, and I need to include satellite detectors. My thought was to create a point and FOV for the inter-sat visibility on the other satellite’s coordinates, but I am not sure if it is possible to access the coordinates at every time-step within the propagator.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @francoC,

Although i have not used the propagator parallelizer yet, i can give you a piece of advice. As your intersatellite detector will need the PV of mulitple satellites simultaneously, i suggest that you run generate Ephemeris for each satellite of your constellation beforehand and then use your custom detector on these ephemeris. This way, you’ll avoid giving one propagator to the other causing a sort of propagation recursivity that can go wrong in so many ways, especially when parallelizing.

So this is how i would do this but this may not be the optimal way :

  1. Use PropagatorsParallelizer a first time to generate Ephemeris for each satellite using multi-thread (no event detector)
  2. For each satellite (i.e. ephemeris), add your interSatellite detector with every other ephemeris
  3. Use PropagatorsParallelizer again with your list of Ephemeris to get your events

I’m afraid i can’t give you a more detailed description than this right now but i hope this will help you a little bit.


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