Improve tasks performed by Orekit CI pipeline

Dear all,

There are several things I’d like to improve with Orekit CI. It concerns the verification of the Javadoc.

The first thing concerns the branches for which the javadoc is checked. Javadoc is checked for develop, master and release branches. It is not checked for dynamic branches such as issue-xxx. These branches are merged into develop and should, in my opinion, undergo Javadoc verification. This leads to several problems: (1) merging branches that don’t comply with Orekit standards and (2) having to add lots of “Fix Javadoc” commits to the git history (commits that could be reduced because unuseful for project history).

The second problem concerns the timing of the Javadoc check in the CI. Currently, the verification is done at the deploy stage. In other words, after tests verification. In other words, after 30min… In my opinion, Javadoc verification, which only takes a minute, should be done before testing, as it is independent of testing.

So, there are 2 actions I think are important to improve Orekit’s CI:

  • Add javadoc checking for dynamic development branches.
  • Ensure that Javadoc verification is performed before testing.

What do you think?


Good idea.
I recently had several occasions where I delayed going to sleep just because I wanted to make sure the CI was in a clean state after a merge. And at my old age, I need sleep :older_man: