I just came into contact with orekit not long ago, and I encountered orekit.InvalidArgsError when writing a program in python.

Hi and welcome to the Orekit forum @chu1995,

The method expects an explicit float array :

dAdIdRaan = [5., FastMath.toRadians(1e-3), FastMath.toRadians(1e-3)]

Note the “.” after 5.


Thanks, since there is no such habit in python, this eventually led to such an error. This solved my current problem to a great extent. :hugs:

You are welcome ! You will probably encounter many minor issues such as this one when using the Python wrapper. I suggest you to look at examples/1_The_Basics.ipynb · master · Orekit Labs / Orekit Python Wrapper · GitLab


Excuse you, I encountered a similar error. I have changed it to 200., but the error is still reported. There is no similar description in the tutorial you mentioned.

Instead of

tolerance[0], tolerance[1]

Try to use:

orekit.JArray_double.cast_(tolerance[0]), orekit.JArray_double.cast_(tolerance[1])
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