How to use TorqueFree attitude provider

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I want to use the TorqueFree attitude provider, and its constructor requires an Inertia object. However, I can’t create the object because the Inertia class does not have a public constructor (only a constructor without access modifiers). How can I create it?

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It’s a bug! Congratulations for finding it.

The constructor is package protected, so it was unnoticed during the validation as the test classes are in the same package (in the tests source tree).

Could you open the issue in our issue tracker?

To fix it, we just need to declare the constructor as public.

Nice “easy to fix” candidate for the next patch release :wink:

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Hi all,

Thank you for your reply.
I have opened this issue here.

Thank you.

Hi @miyu

The fix for the issue has been released with Orekit 12.0.2.

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