How to use AbsoluteDate createMJDDate(int mjd, double secondsInDay, TimeScale timeScale)

I am trying to get Instant from Julian day and seconds values.
I get Julian Day: 60022
Seconds: 85200.0
I am trying to convert this to Java Instant using AbsoluteDate createMJDDate(). What values should be used a arguments?

You cat try something like:

        final TimeScale utc = TimeScalesFactory.getUTC();
        final AbsoluteDate ad = AbsoluteDate.createMJDDate(60022, 85200.0, utc);
        final Date jd = ad.toDate(utc);

But there is a catch! You have to take care of time zone by yourself. If you print both ad and jd here, you’ll get different results (and it may depend on the time zone your computer uses I think). On my own computer, I got one result on march 19th at 23:40 and the other one on march 20th at 00:40, i.e. one hour apart from each other. I think it is not the date jd that is wrong, it is rather the way the print method works, which by default uses the computer time zone.

You are really awesome. That is so simple and easy.
Thank you.