How to set convergence checker in OD

Hello all,

I need to use a homemade ConvergenceChecker in my orbit determination but I cannot set it in the estimator I use (BatchLSEstimator). Actually, the estimator creates its own ConvergenceChecker.
The only way I have found is to check convergence thanks to the BatchLSObserver and then to throw an exception when it’s converged …

Is there a better way to do that ?

Thank you very much,


There’s no way yet, but it would be a good idead to add it.
Currently, user can only call setParametersConvergenceThreshold and the ConvergenceChecker will be built from that. We could add a setConvergenceChecker method and would build the default checker only if no checker has been set up by user. We should decide what to do if users call both method. It could be considered an error or they each new call would invalidate settings from previous calls to the other method. This should be documented, though.

Could you open a feature request on the forge?

Thank you Luc for your very clear answer.
I have opened a request on the forge and I think throwing an exception would be better. No risk of doing things unintentionally.