How to run orekit?

I have managed to build orekit using maven. I have tried going to orekit\target and running orekit-10.1.jar by opening it with programfilesx86\java\jre1.8.0_261\bin\java.exe and a window opens for a tenth of a second and closes immediately. This may be trivial, but how do I run orekit?

Hi @lazypixel, welcome!

Orekit is not an application, it cannot be run by itself. It is a library, its intended use is to be a building block for space applications, but users have to build the top level application that will use Orekit features by themselves.

There are some example applications built with Orekit in the sister project orekit tutorials. Beware however that this project contains a bunch of different tutorlals (more than 20 if I remember well), so there is not a single top level application there too that could be rung from a jar. I would suggest starting at this page.

Another way to look at what Orekit can do is to look at the ORekit As A Service web page, which provides several web services that run on an Orekit instance. There is a full blown orbit determination service and also a simulated measurements generation service. you can play with all these services to see Orekit capabilities without building anything.

Thank you, @luc! I’ll look into those links.

If you are familiar with Python, you can also use the Anaconda distribution and install Python + the Orekit wrapper. There are some useful Python Orekit example as well.

Hello @tyl!

I am much more familiar with Python than Java. If I download Anaconda as well as the Orekit wrapper and try to run orekit through Python will I need to redownload/rebuild any files and are there any additional dependencies? Do you have a link for Python Orekit examples that I could look at?

Thank you for the help!

Here you go:

Installation and some instruction to get you started

Here are more examples that you can follow

Hope this helps, good luck!