How to get OEMFile.getStartTime() always in UTC?

How do I get OEMFile.getStartTime() always in UTC. Right now if I set my local time on the box where the JVM to EST I get OEMFile.getStartTime() 4hrs offset. If I set to UTC then I get what I want. I want the times to be always in UTC.
How can I set that in OEMParser?

Orekit works only in space flight dynamics time scales (UTC, TAI, GPS…).
How do you get the time 4 hours off? Do you convert it to a
If this is the case, then take care that printing a uses the default
time scale of the computer unless you take extra precautions.
Orekit itself uses either UTC or the time scale that was specified in the OEM header, it never users the computer time scale.

I work on project that somewhere else the old code is using simpledateformat that is not set to UTC. I found that after I posted this. Once I set timezone on SDF all got fixed.
Thank you once again Luc.