How to customize inertial frame

Hello everyone,How do I customize an inertial coordinate system? Thanks.
Orekit Tutorials – Frames
Frame cogFrame = new UpdatableFrame(FramesFactory.getEME2000(), Transform.IDENTITY, “LOF”, false);
Transform cogToSat = new Transform(new Rotation(0.6, 0.48, 0, 0.64, false));
Frame satFrame = new Frame(cogFrame, cogToSat, “sat”, false);
How does the above code understand? What do the numbers(0.6, 0.48, 0, 0.64)in the second line of code mean?

You can have a look at the architecture.

The main idea is that you select a parent frame on which your frame will be based, and a TransformProvider that will compute the transform binding your frame to this parent frame.
If your frame is perfectly inertial the TransformProvider can simply be an instance of FixedTransformProvider that will always return the same transform regardless of the date. If the frame is only quasi inertial and rotates very slowly (like frames that move according to precession and nutation), then the TransformProvider should be a custom one computing this motion.