Hipparchus 3.0 released

The Hipparchus team is pleased to announce the release of Hipparchus 3.0.

Version 3.0 is a major release.

Highlights in the 3.0 release are:

  • Field version of Erf and Gamma classes.
  • A new Blendable interface for data blending
  • Torque-free motion model for non-symmetrical rigid body
  • A SmoothStepFactory which allow for quick creation of common and generic smoothstep function.
  • Replacement of EigenDecomposition by EigenDecompositionSymmetric and EigenDecompositionNonSymmetric.
  • Separation of {Field}ODEEventDetector and {Field}ODEEventHandler.
  • Improved compatibility with recent JDK.
  • Many bug fixes in FastMath, polynomial functions, eigen decomposition, etc.

The release notes can be read here: Hipparchus changes report .

The maven artifacts are available in maven central. The sources and binaries can be retrieved from the project download page .