Hipparchus 2.1 released

The Hipparchus team is pleased to announce the release of Hipparchus 2.1.

Version 2.1 is a maintenance release.

Highlights in the 2.1 release are:

  • addition of 3D version of complex function plotter,
  • addition of ConvergenceCheckerOrMultiplexer and ConvergenceCheckerAndMultiplexer,
  • addition of inverse Jacobi elliptic functions,
  • optional modified weights to Akima interpolation,
  • modified Gram-Schmidt basis orthonormalization process,
  • generation of convergents streams in continued fractions,
  • addition of equalsIee754 to points in all topologies to handle NaN coordinates.

The release notes can be read here: Hipparchus changes report .

The maven artifacts are available in maven central. The sources and binaries can be retrieved from the project download page .

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Thank you @luc !